Manual lymphatic drainage

What is manual lymphatic drainage?

The manual lymphatic drainage (MLD) is an effective form of therapy for patients who have lymphatic fluid buildup in their tissues, causing swelling of a leg or arm, for example. If your legs feel heavy and sluggish, it may be because the body’s lymph fluid has flowed down and accumulated in your legs. Lymphatic drainage can be used for such complaints, and also after accidents or operations. This is a special massage techniquea so-called Surface massage with little pressure and using turning, pumping and scooping handles. This form of therapy is recognized by the supplementary health insurance and is offered by experienced physiotherapists. Through the treatment is a significant pain relief, decongestion and general improvement of well-being is guaranteed.


When and how is manual lymphatic drainage used?

MLD is used for the following indications: According to Injuries (fracture, sprain, bruise), for Pregnancy, lipoedema or lipolymphedema, at Water retention or Swellings during pregnancy, with Vein weakness, to the Wound healing and scar treatment, for rheumatic diseases and Osteoarthritis, at a damaged lymphatic system or general Lymphatic drainage disorders, and in the case of a Sudecks disease (CRPS) or Carpal tunnel syndrome. While lymphatic drainage is enormously helpful for many conditions, it can be very gefand must not be not be carried out. This is the case in heart failure, thrombosis, hyperthyroidism, unclear tumor status or inflammation.

MLD works with low pressure, because the lymphatic vessels are not located deep in the body, but close to the skin, and so only mobilize the compression of the lymphatic vessels.but these themselves are not moved. Only when treating the lymph nodes, which are located deeper, more pressure is needed. The MLD begins on Neck and collarbone, where many lymph nodes are located and the lymphatic system flows into the blood system. From the neck is continued through the torso to the oedema, and in particular the swollen part of the body treated, after which the therapy ends again at the neck. Often the MLD is combined with a Compression therapy or Medical Training Therapy (MTT) combined so that the lymph fluid can drain better.

After lymphatic drainage other points should be observed so that the effect is effective and lasting. The skin should be kept moist and you should be be physically active and move move, so that the lymphatic drainage can take place better, because compression therapy can be fruitless without movement. Patients are advised to contact the advice of their therapists to ensure that long-term improvement can be achieved.