Manual therapy

What is manual therapy?

Manual (physiotherapy) belongs to the field of alternative medicine and deals with the Diagnostics and treatment of the functional disorders of joints, muscles and nerves. Furthermore, the pathological consequences of this disturbance of the movement processes within the joints (technical term: Arthrokinematics) examined and treated. Through precise, effective Handles and manual treatment will blockages of the joints such as the spine or small vertebral joints can be solved. This is central because these blockages or disorders of the joints can result in pain throughout the body.

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When and how is manual therapy used?

Manual therapy is used with patients who have problems in the area of the musculoskeletal system have,used. Examples are Spinal complaints, herniated discs, back, joint and muscle pain as well as rheumatic diseases, sciatica (irritation of the (irritation of the sciatic nerve) and joint arthrosis.

In the process, so-called “active” and “passive” techniques respectively exercises applied. Firstly, blocked joints are moved and mobilized with gentle manual grips, and secondly, exercises are developed for the patient*s to help them move and mobilize the unstable, blocked Stabilize joints and train their agility. The aim of this form of therapy is the release of the blocked joints and the Restoration of the interplay between joints, muscles and the central nervous system..