In Body Body Analysis

Body composition analysis (InBody)


What is a body composition analysis (InBody)?

The body composition analysis is performed using the so-called
InBody device
analyzes what a body consists of, respectively how much fat, protein (muscles), minerals (bones) and body water are in the body. a particular body contains. This analysis measures not only weight and body mass index (BMI), but the changes and Conditions in the bodywhich is essential for our health. The measurement of the body composition helps the physiotherapists to perfectly adapt the exercises and training plans to the individual and to optimal therapy results to achieve.

Due to increasing obesity in our society it is important, between muscle and fat to differentiate, because too much fat poses a major health risk, as it can cause high blood pressure, strokes, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and many other ailments. However, being obese does not directly mean inhabiting an unhealthy body. In this respect, it is important that physiotherapists, with the help of the body composition analysis be able to distinguish between healthy and unhealthy. More decisive than body shape or fat percentage is rather the composition of the muscle, bone and fat portions of the body.


When and how is the body composition analysis (InBody) used?

Body composition analysis is used for athletes, but also for all other patients. It is used to help healthcare providers better assess what patients need. The analysis of the body composition takes place especially for the Nutritional counseling, in the treatment of obesity, the development of individual fitness profiles, for monitoring of body fat loss and muscle gain, and in and in the monitoring changes in growth, development and aging.

Summarized writes InBody – the world’s leading brand of body composition analysis equipment – that body composition analysis is “essential for the understanding of the physiological condition of the patient and serves as a basis for the implementation of treatment and success monitoring of rehabilitation and physiotherapy programs.” At the first analysis the status quo of the body composition is determined and established. The aim of this is to avoid any detect muscular imbalances. Furthermore Water values (total body water GKW) and the ratio of intracellular (IZW) and extracellular water (EZW) are analyzed, resulting in an Edema analysis can be taken. This allows diagnoses to be made and treatment goals to be developed for patients. After the first few weeks of training and treatment, another body composition analysis can be performed to determine the Success of the therapy measures measure and, if necessary, to adjust the therapy.