High Power Laser Therapy

What is High Power Laser Therapy?

High power laser therapy is a physiotherapeutic, non-invasive form of therapy in which High power laser devices under application of a high-energy infrared laser light Treat diseases of the musculoskeletal system. The light of the laser stimulates the metabolic activity and improves the nutrient transport through the cell membrane. The high amounts of light from the laser that penetrate the tissue work on the cells and accelerate the body’s own healing process. This form of therapy regenerates the tissue, relieves pain and reduces inflammation and swelling.


When and how is High Power Laser Therapy used?

High power laser therapy is typically used in physiotherapy and sports medicine for the following complaints/injuries: After surgery, for arthritis, tendonitis, patellar tendinitis.nal inflammation or tip syndrome, muscle fiber and bundle tears, plantar fasciitis, supination trauma, myofascial pain syndromes, piriformis syndrome, achillodynia or epicondility. The Scope of this form of therapy is very widebecause the light rays have have different effects effects; they act photochemical (increase ATP), photomechanically (accelerate lymphatic movement), photothermally (biochemical reaction), anti-inflammatory and biostimulating. In addition, they serve for recovery from traumatic processes, repair damaged or disturbed cells and regulate their energy balance. The last thing that works laser therapy detoxifyingbecause the laser light removes toxins from the tissues.