Shockwave therapy

What is shock wave therapy?

Radial shock wave therapy is a form of therapy for the treatment of Injuries or overloading of the musculoskeletal system. The treatment uses shock waves that release mechanical stimuli, Changes in cell metabolism and thus contribute to a better vascular supply. Due to the used acoustic pressure waves similar to sound waves the stimulation of metabolic processes as well as the blood circulation in the pain region are stimulated. Through this form of therapy the body’s own repair mechanisms activated, whereby the body works “with itself”. The The aim of treatment with radial shock waves:

1. pain reduction

2. influencing the muscle tone

3. cell metabolism stimulation

4. activation of regeneration processes

Shock wave therapy alleviates complaints and leads to more mobility.


When and how is shock wave therapy used?

Shock wave therapy is used for different and multiple complaints used as for example with Muscle hardening, Trigger points, Shoulder pain with lime deposits, Heel pain or Heel spur, Knee pain (Patellar tendinitis), Tendonitis at Hip comb (Bursitistrochanterica) and also with Achilles tendon pain (Achillodynia). With shock wave therapy, a single treatment is usually not enough to resolve pain and discomfort. Four to six treatments are necessary, each at intervals of one week should be carried out. So while the treatment time takes a little longer than other forms of therapy, improvement can be observed after just a few treatments. However, in the long term 8-12 weeks healing time be counted on to provide lasting and effective relief from the symptoms. Some patients find the treatment painful and uncomfortable, and redness, swelling, and bruising may remain after the application, but these are normal are normal and not problematic, but a necessary part of the healing process.