Dynamic compression therapy (apparative lymphatic drainage)

What is dynamic compression therapy?

The dynamic compression therapy (also apparative lymphatic drainage lymphatic drainage) is a method of treatment in which medical compression garments such as pants or arm warmers are used to increase the blood circulation circulation in the venous system using pressure to stimulate.

The stocking is given a compressor (apparatus) which inflates and deflates the individual air chambers, creating a smooth soft pressure is applied to the body part. By supporting the muscle pump, the muscle activity is activated, while at the same time lymphatic drainage promoted will. Compression therapy reduces the distance between blood capillaries and cells (transit or diffusion distance), providing the latter with vital substances supplied and waste materials disposed of.

From the outside, compression exerts controlled pressure on the tissues and the venous systems within them, which is particularly beneficial in the case of phlebological clinical pictures such as venous insufficiency great effects achieved. The pressure increases the flow velocity of the blood, improving the flow to the heart and lowering the blood pressure in the venous system. The pressure applied to the veins also causes the veins to more fluid can absorb from the tissues, which water retention (edema) and reduces swelling and prevents the development of edema itself.


When and how is dynamic compression therapy used?

As already mentioned, (dynamic) compression therapy is used in the following cases lymphedema, venous insufficiency, postoperative edema, postthrombotic syndromes, hypertrophic scars and for muscle relaxation. It relieves discomfort caused by swollen legs, reduces varicose veins and acts as a natural defense against diseases and infections.

In the Physiotherapy the patients are treated manually before the apparative treatment. manually treated and opened the drains on the collarbone, abdomen, groin and neck. After that the suitable cuff and a pressure profile adapted to the individual is pressure profile is created. The treatment usually lasts 30-40 minutesAs with manual lymphatic drainage, the treatment is started slowly in order to gently stimulate the circulation.