What is taping?

Taping (= tying) is done with so-called Kinesio tapes – that is, colored, elastic tapes – which consist of an acrylic coating. These are applied to the affected parts of the body in order to Muscle function to improvethe local pain to reducethe joints to support or circulation restrictions to remedy. The tapes are used to lift the outer layer of the skin so that the lower layer of the skin, where the pain is located, is better supplied with blood, thus supporting the healing process. Due to the acrylic coating, they adhere to the skin and lift with all movements – so they support the ability to move and stimulate the body’s own regulatory and self-healing process. on.


When and how is taping used?

Tapes are used especially in the sports sector where mostly breathable, air-permeable tapes breathable, air-permeable tapes be worn from cotton. For top athletes and competitive athletes, these serve to relieve the strain and stability of the muscles and joints. The tapes also benefit the Injury prevention and Overloads, especially in phases of high physical stress. Furthermore, tapes are helpful for the treatment of a Tennis elbowfor Achilles tendon irritation, headaches, migraines and general tensions as well as for dissolve lymphatic congestion and reduction of hematomas.

While stretchable kinesio tapes are used for athletes, there are also rigid tapes. rigid tapes, which are used to treat joints or muscles after injuries. One speaks of four basic techniques of taping: the Muscle, ligament, correction and lymphatic taping. The first technique is used in case of increased or decreased muscle tension (hyper- or hypotonus) and normalizes tone, reduces pain and increases resilience. Ligament installations help with injuries of the ligaments and tendons and have a relieving and pain-relieving effect. Correction systems, in turn, correct the Fascia and treat malpositions, counteract the adhesion of the fasciae and loosen them up. Finally, the Lymphatic systems the lymph drainage.

Further there is the stable taping, in which tapes are applied to help, joints partially immobilize, or also to perform desired movements and prevent painful movements. The joints are not completely blocked, but their Movement becomes restricted, to achieve relief or even to support muscles, tendons and ligaments. Also this type of taping is especially useful for the Sports area and the Rehabilitation helpful. After serious injuries, the tapes can help the Simplify training entry and prevent prevent muscle atrophy.