Sports physiotherapy

What is sports physiotherapy?

Sports physiotherapy is aimed at amateur as well as competitive and top athletes and belongs to the field of sports medicine and physiotherapy. Athletes are treated by the physiotherapists, who have specific Knowledge in Anatomy and biomechanics directly, in order to improve their performance strengthen, treat injuries treat injuries and provide them with rehabilitation plans to create. The physical therapists make plans and create exercises to improve the Endurance, speed and agility of the athletes* to train. Sports physiotherapy is used not only for the treatment of injuries, but also for the Prevention of injuries caused by sports activities, which is why therapists work closely with athletes, but also with coaches but also with the coaches.


When and how is sports physiotherapy used?

Sports physiotherapy is used for muscle problems, muscle and nerve spasms, ligament injuries, joint blockages and muscle strains, among others. Sports physiotherapy has four main tasksnamely acute intervention, rehabilitation, injury prevention and performance enhancement.. The former describes the direct assistance (or even direct tasks) duringend of the practice of the sport and therapy immediately after the injury. At the Rehabilitation is concerned with healing after injuries and operations, whereby so-called passive measures (treatment on the couch) and active exercises (in the weight room or training room) can be applied. In the third area of responsibility, the Injury prevention (also called secondary task), is about strengthening ligaments, muscles and joints and providing training plans to prevent injuries. At the Performance improvement Performance tests are conducted with athletes to create a sport-specific training plan to help improve speed, strength, endurance, agility and coordination. This is achieved by using a Performance diagnostics is created and thus the right guidance for performance improvement can be developed. Therapists accompany athletes at best during the training process and competitions, but also before and after. The goal of sports physiotherapy treatment is always, functional weaknesses to eliminate and to ensure the fastest possible recovery. Sports physiotherapy often goes hand in hand with the Medical Training Therapywhich you can learn more about here!